Voices From the Grave was an animatronic sold by Spirit Halloween for the 2008 Halloween season. It resembled a long arm holding a severed head in front of a tombstone. When activated, the arm began to move while holding the head. The head's mouth moved to one of six phrases at the same time, and the eyes lit up.

Spirit Halloween's Description Edit

"This underground comedian will keep you amused every time he opens his mouth so listen carefully - he's a real crack up. Crack up the party with this creepy looking talking head that just won't stop - motion sets him off again and again! Highly detailed prop is an investment in decor and ambience as he both looks and speaks the part."

  • Voices From the Grave Animated Tombstone Prop is motion activated and his jaw moves, eyes light up and arm rocks side to side as he talks
  • Sample Saying: "Know how I got this way? I went to a party dressed as a pinata! Ha Ha Ha Ha!
  • Measures a full 24" tall; for indoor use only
  • AC/DC adaptor included


-Help! I'm being held up! *laughs* I just kill myself, again, and again, and again!

-The way you look really makes my skin crawl....oh wait, those are my maggots! *laughs*

-Know how I got like this? I went to a Halloween party dressed like a pinata! *laughs*

-Oooh, I smell rotting flesh, oh you really know how to make me hungry! *laughs*

-I've got my eye on you...could you please give it back? *laughs*

-I'm glad you showed up, I didn't have anybody to go out with! *laughs*

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Spirit Halloween 2008 Voice From The Grave Animated Prop-1

Spirit Halloween 2008 Voice From The Grave Animated Prop-1

Voices From The Grave in action