The Talking Clown Head was a small table top animatronic that was sold at many stores including Spirit Halloween. He was sold during the 2008 Halloween season and was sold for $34.99. The clown has a red, white, and blue clown wig, a small red nose, and blue makeup on his face. His mouth moves and his eyes light up green as he says one of the six corny phrases. There was also a Vampire and a Pirate version sold during the same year. The Talking Clown Head, along with the Pirate and Vampire, was made by YJ Toys and Crafts.

Spirit Halloween Description Edit

Kill 'em at the next party with this insane talking clown head. Evil, ugly and mean clown will awaken the fear of clowns in anyone! Place in the foyer or at the front door to frighten guests, or set in the chip bowl to kick off a real posse of pranks. Evil clown has illuminated eyes. 

  • Item is an Animatronic latex talking clown head with ugly face, bad teeth, eyes that light up and two-tone synthetic clown hair.
  • Measures 13 1/2"X10 3/4"X10"
  • Requires 3 AA Batteries (included)

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Talking Light Up Clown Head Animated Prop Costume

Talking Light Up Clown Head Animated Prop Costume