The Scary Clown Mirror was a Spirit Halloween exclusive animatronic that was sold in Spirit Halloween stores in 2013. The clown mirror looks like an ordinary mirror but when it's activated a clown's face fades in, then his mouth moves to several phrases then the face fades out turning the mirror into a regular looking mirror again. This animatronic can also be used with a black light making the mirror's frame glow a ghostly green color. Note a black light isn't required to illuminate the clown's face since there are black light LEDs already build into the mirror.

Spirit Halloween's Description Edit

Who's the scariest of them all? This Scary Clown Mirror tops each and every one! Activated by sound and light sensors this decoration speaks several creepy phrases, moves and lights up. Hang it on a wall and listen for the screams of approval!

  • Scary Clown Mirror
    • Mirror
    • AA Batteries
  • Materials:
    • Plastic
  • Special Features:
    • Creepy saying
    • Lights up
    • Motion
    • Sound and Light Activated
  • Measurements:
    • Length - 21.875"
    • Width - 2.75"
    • Height - 30"
    • Weight - 9.6 lbs

Phrases Edit


Looks like the jokes on you! Hehehehe!

What kind of freak are you? Hahahaha!

I want to taste your eye! Hahaha!

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Scary Clown Mirror

Scary Clown Mirror