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Three of the Antique Roaming Dolls featured in the Haunted Hotel display.

The Roaming Antique Doll Collection is a line of Bump and Go animatronics that was made through the years of 2014 and 2016. They were all sold for $69.99 but then their price was raised to $79.99 in 2018. On the website, they are all said to be at least 2.5ft. They are all made by Seasonal Visions International.

All Roaming Antique Dolls Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Roaming Antique Clown is the only Roaming Antique Doll that has a non-roaming variant.
  • The Creepy Roaming Bear is the only Roaming Antique Doll that doesn't have a Haunted Doll variant.
  • Both Roaming Lizzy and Roaming Rosie could be both named after flowers but it could also be a coincidence since Lizzy can also be used as a woman's name.
  • Roaming Lizzy and Roaming Rosie are the two only best-selling Roaming Antique Doll since they were brought back to Spirit Halloween stores two times.
  • roaming lizzy and roaming rosie are both voiced by charlotte reynolds.