Man's Possessed Friend is an animatronic sold by Spirit Halloween for the 2018 Halloween season. It resembles a brown-furred dog, with red LED lights, who lurches out of a doghouse. The doghouse itself has a plaque above the dog that reads, "Bubba," the name of the dog.

Spirit Halloween's Description Edit

"Everyone loves puppies, but be warned: Bubba is not a friendly dog. He’ll make you feel bad for him when you hear him crying in his dog house, but once you get too close, he’ll attack! His razor-sharp teeth are salivating for some fresh meat, and you could be his next victim!"

  • Includes:
    • Animatronic
    • Volume control
    • External speaker jack
  • Animated
  • IR sendor activated
  • Step pad compatible (sold separately)
  • Try me button compatible (sold separately)
  • Multi-prop remote activator compatible (sold separately)
  • Adapter type: 6V 2A (included)
  • Battery type: 4AA (not included)
  • Cord length: 6 feet
  • Dimensions: 54.5" H x 14.2" W x 11.8" W
  • Weight: 10.5 pounds
  • Material: Plastic, wooden base, metal, fabric, electronics
  • Care: Spot clean
  • Imported
  • Note: Recommended for use in covered areas

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Man's Possessed Friend - Spirit Halloween

Man's Possessed Friend - Spirit Halloween