Jacked Up Jill was a small table top animatronic that was made by Tekky Toys but was sold for $29.99 at Spirit Halloween during the 2012 Halloween season. She wears a white and purple clown suit with blood completely covering the suit. She also wears white gloves and holds a bloody knife. Her head is a little different compared to other clown animatronics, she has the typical clown face with makeup but her eyes are completely blacked out with only two yellow eyes illuminating out of the darkness. She also has a skeletal jaw exposed on the right side of her cheek. Her animation is the same as a normal Jack in the Box. As you start turning the crank a creepy distorted version of Pop Goes the Weasel starts playing, Jill also starts to mock you as you turn the crank. Once the music stops playing Jill pops out of the box with red LED lights illuminating her as she laughs.

Spirit Halloween's Description Edit

Knock, knock. Who's there? You don't want to know! Welcome the creepy with this Jacked Up Jill decoration on Halloween - the illuminated eyes will keep you awake at night.

  • The Jacked Up Jill decoration is made of plastic, wire and fabric with illuminated eyes.
  • Turn the side knob to see Jill pop up
  • Light up eyes and creepy sounds
  • Uses 3 AA batteries (included)
  • Item Dimensions: H" x L" x D"- 5.32" x 5.32" x 5.71"
  • Item Weight - 1.15 lbs
  • For indoor use

Trivia Edit

  • Her laugh is the same laugh Tekky Toys uses for most of their other animatronics including Deady Bear
  • Jacked Up Jill is unique in a way since she’s the only female clown that was ever sold at Spirit Halloween


Videos Edit

Jacked Up Jill - Spirit Halloween

Jacked Up Jill - Spirit Halloween