Honky the Clown was an online only animatronic that was sold at many online stores including Spirit Halloween's website. Spirit Halloween sold him for $199.99. He holds a horn in his left hand which he honks hence the name "Honky the Clown". He wears an orange, black, and yellow clown suit with red pom poms. He also wears a small yellow cone hat and two fabric red shoes which are the same shoes Uncle Charlie and Zombie Clown wear. Honky the Clown has light up eyes, a moving head, and a moving mouth while he laughs. He was added to Spirit Halloween's site in 2011.

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you decorate with this lifelike Honky the Clown animated figure - he's six feet tall! Honky is motion activated and will mouth off with assorted sounds while moving his mouth and neck; his eyes light up too! All in all this is one scary fellow - keep your hands away from his mouth!

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Honky the Clown Animated Figure-0

Honky the Clown Animated Figure-0