Double Trouble is an/are animatronic(s) that is/are exclusive to Spirit Halloween for the 2018 Halloween season. The animatronic(s) resemble/resembles two twins who have light gray skin, white hair, and wear the same vintage white dress. The animatronic(s) rock/rocks the twins' heads from side to side while speaking one of four phrases. The animatronic(s) is/are produced by Pan Asian Creations and is/are being sold for $189.99.

Spirit Halloween's Description Edit

"Experience twice the fright on Halloween night with these terrifying twins. Believe it or not, these sinister sisters weren’t always so scary. They lived an ordinary childhood with their parents… until they killed their mother, that is. After this horrible incident, the rest of their story is shrouded in mystery (although they’re happy to share some details). Legend has it that their father went crazy and disappeared without a trace, as did the twins. Still, some claim they’ve seen this demented duo; heads spinning, laughing and playing with their mother’s head… Keep your distance, though. If they get bored, they may want a new toy to play with."

  • Exclusively at Spirit Halloween
  • Includes:
    • Animatronic
    • Volume control
    • External speaker jack
  • Product sounds:
    • “Daddy said we have to play outside… He doesn’t want any more blood on the floor. (Giggles)”
    • “Summer is hot / Winter is cold / But we don’t feel a thing! / And we’ll never get old! (Giggles)”
    • “People think we want to be like them, but pretty soon, they’ll all be like us. (Giggles)”
    • “We seem to have misplaced our mother’s head. Can you help us find it? (Giggles)”
  • Animated
  • IR Sensor Activated
  • Turning head movement
  • Step pad compatible (sold separately)
  • Try me button compatible (sold separately)
  • Multi-prop remote activator compatible (sold separately)
  • Adapter type: 6V2A adapter (included)
  • Battery type: 3 AA (not included)
  • Dimensions: 54” H x 33” W x 19.5” D
  • Weight: 9.2 pounds
  • Material: Plastic, electronics, fabric
  • Care: Spot clean
  • Imported
  • Step pad compatible (sold separately)
  • Note: Recommended for use in covered areas


they are likely inspired by the grady twins from the 1980 horror film the shining.

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Double Trouble - Spirit Halloween

Double Trouble - Spirit Halloween