Donna the Dead was a Halloween prop that was being sold at Spirit Halloween. She was discontinued sometime in 2009. Donna the Dead was a pale female with long black hair, a black dress, and she had green eyes that light up. She also held a blonde man's head by the hair, which had white, glowing eyes with her right hand, and a bloody knife with her left hand. According to the website, she would also "collapse for easy storage."

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This little lady doesn't look like somebody you'd like to meet, especially after her friend totally lost his head over her. Don't make her mad - she'll take your head off! Haunted girl is possessed by demon. The proof: Her eyes flash green while her victim's flash white and she sways to the sound of voices in her head that you hear as mad cackles. Spooky and fun, this great Halloween prop is perfect for haunted houses, party props or setting up a Halloween display. Just don't make her mad! A Spirit EXCLUSIVE that will bring down the house!

  • Lifesize; a full five feet tall
  • Her body moves
  • Illuminated eyes
  • Collapses for easy storage
  • Made of
  • 20% Fabric
  • 15% Metal
  • 25% Electronics
  • 40% Plastic
  • 17.32" length x 16.54" width x 29.53" height
  • Adapter included


  • Although the prop's real name was "Donna the Dead", her name on the website was "Animated Haunted Girl with Vibrating Head". The box also calls her "Ghost Girl with Head".
  • There was also two other lifesized versions made of her, one with a white gown, and another one that holds a pumpkin which was exclusive to Micheals.
  • Her name is a play on words of the title of George Romero`s film, Dawn of the Dead.

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Donna the dead for sale

Donna the dead for sale