Convulsing Nurse is an animatronic sold at Spirit in 2013. It was in the Spirit Hollows Asylum theme. It is a bloody nurse with no hands or eyes. Chains come out of the stumps on her arms and can connect to the wall. She moves back and forth and moans painfully.

Spirit Halloween's Description Edit

Give your guests a scare they will never forget when you decorate your haunted house with the Convulsing Nurse Animated Decoration. This screaming and flailing nurse is compatible with the First Aid Box, features volume control and comes with a power adapter. 

  • The Convulsing Nurse Animated Decoration includes:
    • Chains
    • Hat
    • Body
    • Base
    • Adapter
  • AA Batteries not included
  • Materials:
    • Fabric
    • Plastic
    • Metal
  • Measurements:
    • Height - 65"
    • Length - 19.5"
    • Width - 13.75"
  • Special Features:
    • Volume Control
    • Works with 6V2A Adapter or AA Batteries
  • For Indoor or Covered Outdoor Use