A Clown Animatronic was an animatronic sold on Spirit Halloween's website, as well as by several other retailers, for the 2010 Halloween season. The animatronic resembled a clown chewing on a cigar that wore a multi-colored suit, as well as makeup. When activated, it turned from side to side, featured a moving mouth, and its eyes and cigar lit up. As this happened, an eerie phrase could be heard.

Spirit Halloween's Description Edit

"Everyone loves to hate clowns and there's a reason why - clowns are evil! Don't believe me? Then just try walking by or talking around this nasty clown and see what happens - he'll pull his pranks on you. The sound and motion-activated Animated five-foot tall Clown Decoration has illuminated eyes that move and a mouth on him that spews scary sentiments and creepy conversation. Keep him away from me!"

  • 5 foot clown moves eyes, talks and lights its eyes; motion and sound activated
  • 5 'x 2 'x 1'
  • 10 lbs
  • Motion and sound activated
  • Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Not AC adaptable
  • For indoor use

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Animated 5 foot Clown Decoration

Animated 5 foot Clown Decoration