The Cannibal Hanging Head was a Hanging Head sold by Spirit Halloween in 2015. It resembled a bald cannibal with a mask similar to that of the fictional character, Hannibal Lecter's. Sharp teeth were visible on the face of the prop, and their were stitched scars on its head.

Spirit Halloween's Description Edit

"Decorate the only way you know how--with killer taste--when you use this Cannibal Hanging Head decoration. This hanging prop features stitch-up scars and a guard over a bloody mouth, so you're protected in case things get crazy."

  • Cannibal Hanging Head includes:
    • Decoration
  • Materials:
    • 10% Polyurethane
    • 25% Latex
    • 5% Iron Wire
    • 10% metal
    • 20% Plastic
    • 30% Polyester
  • Measurements:
    • Height - 12.2"
    • Length - 8.7"
    • Width - 6.3"
    • Weight - 1 lbs
  • For Indoor or Covered Outdoor Use

Trivia Edit

  • Although it became "Out of Stock" on Spirit Halloween's website sometime in 2016, it was still available in many stores later on.