The Bite Sized Clown was a 2010 animatronic that was sold at Spirit Halloween for $99.99. However, the company that made him is not really known. Some people claim he's made by Seasonal Visions while others say he's made by Morbid Enterprises. The Bite Sized Clown wears a blue and yellow clown suit with green pom poms. He also has green hair and a red clown nose. And he also holds a dead rat in his right hand as if he is getting ready to eat it. He only vibrates for his animation while he laughs. Bite Sized Clowns knees look very similar to Face Ripping Clowns knees which lead to some people believing that Bite Sized Clown was made by Morbid Enterprises since Face Ripping Clown was made by them.

Update: It is now confirmed that Bite Sized Clown was made by Seasonal Visions because Giggles the Zombie Baby Clown (which is an animatronic made by SVI) uses a higher pitched version of Bite Sized Clown's laughter.

Spirit Halloween's Description Edit

Keep your hands away from the midget clown! He's just eaten and he's hungry for more, his eyes light up as he looks to score. This little monster has an insatiable appetite and he's out for blood. Feed the frenzy with this demonic Animated Bite Size Clown Prop - over two full feet of terror!

  • Includes clown decor piece with wig, clothes, head and hands
  • Dimensions:  27.5" x 17.7" x 15.7"
  • Battery Operated Only
  • Requires 4 AA batteries; included.
  • Indoor use
  • Optional try me button sold separately

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Halloween Animated Bite Sized Clown

Halloween Animated Bite Sized Clown